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Turning an idea into a commercial reality is a challenge. One of the best ways of overcoming any challenge is to prepare well. This guide will take you through various steps you will need to know when planning your journey to commercial activity.

There are 10 sections in this guide, each of which is important. Having an appreciation of them all and how they would impact your business idea will allow you to develop a more rounded, and comprehensive business proposition

At the beginning, this may seem daunting, but the first step in overcoming a problem is to know that there is a problem to be solved. By setting out the issues which will have to be addressed in turning an idea into a business, you can build your knowledge and strengthen the business proposition.

Whether it is engaging the assistance of advisers, service providers, suppliers, partners, customers, or even investors, the more compelling your business proposition, the more likely you are to give them confidence in working with you.

Providing a foundation of knowledge, this Bright Idea Scotland online guide is something you can build on into the future as you work to evolve your idea into reality.

How to use the guide

The aim of the guide is to help you think about the key steps of commercialisation

Use in parallel with our workshops and 1-2-1 surgery sessions.

As well as simply reading through the guide, you can also build a structured profile of your idea using our bright idea form

You can capture the key points of your idea against each of the 10 stages of the checklist, then send us details of your idea for us to evaluate and discuss with you.

Create your profile here or start reading

10 steps to commercialisation

The 10 steps of our inventor's checklist are listed below, we highly recommend reading them in order.