Bright Idea Scotland provides guidance and advice to Scotland-based individuals and businesses with an idea for a new product or service.
Our aim is to help you identify and confirm the commercial potential of the idea.

Turning your idea into a commercial reality is a challenge.

Go to our Inventor’s Checklist to prepare for your journey to commercial activity.


Workshops & Events

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Workshops & Surgeries

Workshop 1 - So you think you have an idea?

This workshop will look at the idea itself, the problem it solves, and Intellectual Property (IP) issues relevant to inventors.

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Workshop 2 - So you think you have a commercial opportunity?

This workshop will look at the customer, the competition and the market approach.

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Workshop 3 - So you think you can turn your idea into a business?

This workshop will look at resources, people (team), the pitch, and the process.

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1-2-1 Surgery Days

Discuss your idea in detail with our team

The 1-2-1 surgery will give you the opportunity to speak directly to our advisors about your idea.

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What our clients say...

 "A fantastic workshop with practical ideas to get real results".

 "Excellent knowledge, combined with real world examples". 

 "...very motivating and inspiring". 

 "Really informative.  Easy to understand/accessible". 

What we DON'T do

We don’t provide financial support for ideas.
We can advise on potentially available funding.

We don’t tell you whether your idea is good or bad.
Our aim is to provide you with the tools to assess your own idea and develop a commercially viable proposition.

Case Studies

WHY engage with BIS?

Become more commercially aware and focused
Learn how to assess business opportunities
Acquire skills not just for this idea but also for future opportunities
Apply your new skills to improve the commercial viability of your idea
Use new insights gained to develop a more compelling proposition
Be better placed to answer vital questions
Facilitate future engagement with other support agencies beyond BIS